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Six Month Smiles® – Short Term Braces

By Pittsburgh Dentist Dr. Dan Rairigh

Young woman receiving Six Month Smiles treatment

Six Month Smiles® is a new, short-term affordable option to straighten your teeth. This option is best-suited for adults.

What are Six Month Smiles®?

A Six Month Smiles® treatment plan works best for adults to straighten teeth in five to eight months depending on the patient. These braces along with the wires are both tooth or neutral-colored.

This treatment plan uses the latest technology and techniques in dentistry to allow Dr. Rairigh to move your teeth quickly and less visibly than traditional braces.

The most common uses of Six Month Smiles® are to correct spaces, crowding, flared teeth, or teeth that are sunken in.

Benefits of Six Month Smiles® Cosmetic Braces

  • Tooth-colored brackets
  • Tooth-colored wires
  • Little discomfort
  • Quick treatment times (5-8 months)
  • Cosmetic focus
  • Cost-effective (costs less than Invisalign and traditional braces on average)
  • Multiple financing options
  • Less chance of cavities with faster treatment
  • Results can be permanent if retainer is worn consistently
  • Teeth whitening is included!

A great benefit of working with Six Month Smiles® is that patients can move on to other cosmetic and restorative dental services quickly. This can be a great service to patients looking to receive porcelain veneers. With an ideal arch alignment following Six Month Smiles®, less tooth reduction is required to allow for a great cosmetic smile makeover. Six Month Smiles® allows for a more conservative porcelain veneer preparation design as well. Also, occasionally fewer dental crowns and porcelain veneers are needed to correct alignment problems if Six Month Smiles® has corrected the crowded or spaced teeth.

More Questions About Six Month Smiles®?

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